Trade / Commercial Waste Collection

Trade Waste Services available for commercial and holiday lets, B&Bs etc

Trade Waste 

At WICKS, we are completely transparent about our services and costings. You may be unsure about what each term covers, so our Jargon Buster below gives you an overview of all the terms we use for various parts of our service.

Lift Rate

Lift Rate is the charge made to collect your rubbish, every time your bin is emptied; you are charged a Lift Rate. This is the price that most waste management companies quote to a customer; note every bin has a waste weight limit per lift.

Over charge

Over and above the given weight for your bin size i.e. 1,100ltr bin weight allowance 77kg, 660ltr bin allowance 46kg over and above the given weights a charge is made for every kg over your bin allowance. (current rate 2020 is 13p per kg)

Bin Rental

Rental may apply.

Contract T&Cs on the reverse of your agreement

This is a 12 month rolling contract; termination is within section 9 (please read carefully)

Duty of Care, Documents.

This is a one off annual payment, this charge is to facilitate and enforce the Duty of Care Regulations of 1991 which requires all waste to be categorised and each transfer of waste recorded.

Waste types collected

  • General Waste covers all dry, non-hazardous waste that you can put in the bin.
  • Glass (bottles and Jars). Not plate glass.
  • Cardboard (Packaging boxes) no egg boxes or paper

If you wish to discuss any of the above in more detail, or want to clarify any parts of a quote or service you receive from us, then please contact our Sales Team on 01229 432114

Bins/bags available

  • Bags (25 per role) typical used for hair salons, florists, craft shops, small offices with minimal waste and space.
  • Wheelie Bins come in 4 sizes to meet your needs 240ltr, 360ltr, 660ltr and 1,100ltr

Glass: 240ltr bins only