FEL Waste

The front end loader (FEL) is a popular solution for commercial waste management. They feature a lockable lid and are suitable for sites that produce a high volume of waste.

FEL bins do not have wheels and therefore need to be moved using our lifting equipment. The top loading design makes these bins easy to access and use.


This type of container is suitable for a wide variety of waste types including; dry mixed recycling (DMR), single waste stream recycling, general waste and even compactable waste.

Our front end loader containers are not suitable for use with hazardous materials or glass. They are lockable to help secure your waste.

Suitable for cardboard.Suitable for mixed recycling.Suitable for non-recyclable waste.Suitable for paper.Suitable for plastics.Suitable for textiles.

Container Options

The below table shows the available options for our FEL containers. Should these options be unsuitable then we can source or custom make any container to suit your needs.

Container Type Length Width Height
 8 CU YD (6.1 cubic metres)  1.83m 1.83m  1.83m
 10 CU YD (7.7 cubic metres)  2.02m  2.17m  2.19m

To find out more about our front end loader (FEL) bins, please contact us on 01229 432114