About Us

Here at WICKS we are a Family Run Business established in 1963, dedicated to turning your waste into a re-usable product/material.

Our mission is zero to landfill

WICKS offer total waste management packages to businesses that have many varied or complex waste streams. With bespoke proposals, equipment and training to fit the needs of each site, we pride ourselves on bringing the latest innovations in waste recycling to the table to allow you to improve the recycling performance of business’ with the most elaborate waste streams.

Initially, we work with you to provide a comprehensive proposal after scrutinising the processes within your business that create each waste stream. This covers the ways that waste could be reduced and where this is not possible, we look at options for recycling the material. For certain materials, rebates can be achieved if there is a high enough quantity which can help offset disposal costs.

At WICKS, we have a dedicated total waste management team to ensure that every step of your waste programme goes smoothly. From an exclusive account manager to a specialist hazardous waste chemist, we have an in-house team to see to it that any issue is resolved quickly and you always know who to contact.

Our overall aim is to achieve complete closed loop recycling. We will strive to avoid sending waste to landfill at all costs and endeavours ensure that as much waste as possible goes back into the system. Whether this involves working with manufacturers to make certain materials more recyclable or finding recycling outlets that will take specialist waste, WICKS will ensure that you are as high as possible on the waste hierarchy.